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Bambi Bucket, The Ultimate Aerial Firefighter

Fighting fires with strength and precision around the globe

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About the Bambi Bucket ®

SEI Industries Ltd. first introduced the original Bambi Bucket to the firefighting community in 1982.  This lightweight, strong, flexible firefighting Bucket—with its relatively low-cost ‘plug-n-play’ capability—promoted usage of helicopters on wildfires and saw immediate success as a firefighting tool.  By combining the Bambi with SEI’s already-existing water storage tanks and bladders for fire suppression, a sought after and valuable product line was created.

Used Around the World

Today, more than 35 years later, SEI services more than 90% of the world’s aerial firefighting water-Bucket market.  Globally, the Bambi brand is known amongst firefighting agencies and it has become synonymous with aerial firefighting.  The legendary Bambi is now used in more than 115 countries around the world by more than 1,000 helicopter operators.

Built to Endure

In building various Bambi Bucket models, SEI uses materials that can withstand the forces of nature when buckets are slung under a helicopter over the fire line.

To create today’s toughest aerial firefighting product in the world, our Bucket fabric selection considers the perfect blend of critical elements; tensile strength, puncture-proofing, abrasion resistance and resilient coating adhesion.

Our Commitment to You

SEI is committed to providing reliable tools and excellent customer service to the aerial firefighting community.  The company’s firefighting division is focused on meeting the demands of the many operators and agencies charged with protecting people, property and assets worldwide.

Our sales team is available through our Aircraft on Ground (AOG) program. So, when you have an emergency, we make it our emergency, Thus, we always have someone ‘on-call’ to take your call in case you require Bambi Bucket field support during missions.

During your down-time, if you need training, we are here to support that, too.  Thus, our overall commitment is to make sure that our equipment is safe, reliable and performing optimally for you.  This is just one of the many reasons that the Bambi Bucket trademark has become synonymous with quality and great customer service.

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