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Fire Ignition

Fire Ignition

Fighting fire with fire, around the globe

About the Premo and Dragon Product Lines
SEI Industries is delighted to offer two world-leading fire ignition product lines — Premo and Dragon Fire.  No matter what product you select, SEI provides outstanding sales, service and support to ensure job readiness and safe, effective burn operations.  Read on to discover more about these unique firefighting tools.

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Dragon Fire Ignition

Welcome Dragon equipment operators! 

SEI Industries Ltd. and the Dragon Fire Ignition Product Line

The Dragon Fire Ignition division of SEI Industries Ltd. was born in 2003 with the goal of developing an improved Plastic Sphere Dispenser (PSD).Co-developed with Field Support Services, Dragon division products today offer a series of ignition dispensers (Red Dragon, Green Dragon, Pyroshot and Pyroshot HS)and vastly improved plastic ignition spheres (Dragon Eggs) that simplify the task of prescribed burning/back-burning while also allowing for improved efficiency and higher standards in operator safety.

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Fire Ignition Dispensers

The next generation of aerial, ground and handheld fire ignition launchers

Our Fire Ignition Dispensers Turn Up the Heat

When it comes to firefighting or controlled burns, SEI offers two of the world’s best fire ignition product lines to choose from — Premo and Dragon Fire. Both types of Fire Ignition Dispensers and Plastic Spheres offer outstanding performance, versatility and safety features to ensure the most effective burn operations.

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Green Dragon

About the Green Dragon™ The Green Dragon is an automated ground launcher designed and engineered for use in wildfire and land management applications such as … Read More >

Premo Plastic Sphere Dispenser

About the Premo Launcher The Premo Plastic Sphere Dispenser (PSD) is a compact and dependable aerial ignition device dispenser. Made of aluminum, it is designed … Read More >

Pyroshot Hand Launcher

About the Pyroshot The Pyroshot is one of the newest tools to support ground fire ignition during burn operations. The single-shot Pyroshot is an incendiary … Read More >

Pyroshot HS

About the Pyroshot HS The Pyroshot HS is a gas-propelled, trigger-activated, plastic sphere hand-launcher. Compatible with Dragon Eggs, the Pyroshot HS uses a 20 lb. … Read More >

Red Dragon

About the Red Dragon ™ The Red Dragon is a helicopter-mounted device that is used to dispense aerial spheres that ignite controlled or prescribed burns. … Read More >

Sling Dragon

About the Sling Dragon ® The Sling Dragon® is an automated slung aerial sphere dispenser, designed and engineered for use in wildfire and land management applications. … Read More >

Fire Ignition Spheres

Ignition spheres that meet your critical mission requirements

About Dragon Eggs Fire Ignition Spheres

Dragon Eggs are small fire ignition spheres that contain a high-grade potassium permanganate powder and, when injected with glycol, cause a chemical reaction. These potassium fire starters have a 20-40 second delayed ignition, depending on ambient temperature.

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Dragon Eggs

About Dragon Eggs The entire Dragon Fire Ignition product line uses the same advanced-engineered one inch plastic spheres made of high impact polystyrene known as … Read More >

Premo Fireballs

About Premo Fireballs Premo Fireballs provide a safe and reliable ignition source for fire operations. Using potassium permanganate, the Fireballs release enough heat energy and … Read More >

Premo Fire Ignition

Welcome Premo equipment operators!

SEI Industries Ltd. Acquires the Premo Fire Ignition Product Line

Welcome to all Premo equipment owners and operators! In 2011, SEI Industries acquired the Premo Fire Ignition product line of aerial ignition dispensers and spheres from VPL Enterprises Ltd.

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