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SEI Industries celebrates 30 years of Bambi Bucket

February 22, 2012

Delta, Canada – SEI Industries Ltd. (SEI), is pleased to announce that the world-famous Bambi Bucket just turned thirty. With its easy to use, lightweight, collapsible design, Bambi Bucket revolutionized the aerial firefighting industry in 1982 by improving initial attack response times to wildfires.

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BATT wins two technology awards!

February 1, 2012

Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME), in collaboration with the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP), have announced that SEI Industries is both the regional and national 2011 Innovation Insights winner for new technology based on its revolutionary Bulk Aviation Transport Tank (BATT) product.

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SEI purchases PremoFire™ and now offers the Premo Fire Ignition product line

October 19, 2011

Delta, Canada – SEI Industries Ltd. (SEI) is pleased to announce its recent acquisition of PremoFire™ from Vanguard Plastics Ltd (VPL). SEI will retain the PremoFire trade-marked brand and continue offering customers and end-users the Premo plastic sphere dispenser (PSD) and Premo Fireballs. SEI is committed to working towards a seamless transition from VPL by ensuring that supply, sales, product support and customer service of the Premo fire ignition product line remains consistent.

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Aerial Fire fighters in action in Laggala

August 29, 2011

Two Bell 212 helicopters from No. 7 Squadron stationed at SLAF Base at Hingurakgoda were deployed this afternoon (01st August 2011) around 3pm to assist in retarding the spread of a major forest fire which erupted in the Laggala forest area close to Wilgamuwa in the Matale District.

Using water from an adjacent tank, the helicopter crew of the first Bell 212 battled the fire with the aid of its underslung ‘Bambi bucket’ flying 6 consecutive shuttles and limited the spread of the raging flames.

On a request made by the Disaster Management Center, SLAF pilots Squadron Leader Chamila Hiripitiya and Flight Lieutenant Dumidu Marasinghe deployed to the area. The fire had spread very quickly at the base of the mountain range which made the operation of fighting the fire a tricky business as it was difficult to maneuver the helicopter along the mountain slope. However this fire had to be curtailed, as, had it reached the nearby ‘Nagolla’ town the consequences would have been disastrous. The pilots had to fly 7 km from the scene of the fire to obtain water from a tank which was itself an arduous task as the water levels in the tank were also depleting.

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New Bambi Bucket & Dragon Fire Ignition Sales Representative in Australia

Delta, Canada – SEI Industries Ltd. announces the retirement of a dedicated and long-term sales distributor in Australia. Kevin Gosling of Gosling & Associates was SEI’s exclusive sales representative in Australia for more than 20 years. GAAM Emergency Products is the new Australian distributor for SEI’s aerial firefighting Bambi Bucket including the prescribed burning and controlled burn Fire Ignition Product lines.

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If You Can’t Stand the Heat…

July 20, 2011

Controlling a raging forest fire or an unrelenting wildfire is a task that few pilots are capable of undertaking. James Careless finds out what it takes to be one. Click on the photo below to read a latest article from RotorHub Magazine.

SEI Welcomes New Bilingual Sales Rep, Former Heli Pilot Michel Landry

June 14, 2011

SEI Industries Ltd., manufacturer of the Bambi Bucket®, is pleased to welcome Michel Landry to its sales team as an outside technical sales representative for Bambi Bucket and Dragon Fire Ignition products. Michel will be transitioning with Aaron Tweedy over the next few months to become the main Canadian representative while Aaron concentrates on Bambi Bucket and Dragon Fire Ignition sales and support in the eastern US market.

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NC Forestry Down To 1 Pilot To Fight Wildfires

June 13, 2011

DARE COUNTY, N.C. — After a month, a fire in eastern North Carolina is still burning strong.

More than 45,000 acres have already been burned up in this mostly rural area of Dare County.

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Fire Crews Battle Blazes in Sutherland

Firefighters have warned of a continuing “severe” risk of grass fires after battling to bring a series of blazes under control in the Highlands.

Over the past week crews from Highlands and Islands Fire and Rescue Service (HIFRS) have attended 60 wildfires.

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Firefighters get helicopter help battling brush fires

VOLUSIA COUNTY — Next to water, helicopters known collectively in Volusia County as Air One, are probably the most important piece of equipment firefighters have.

“We do bambi bucket operations. We do law enforcement, which is our primary job. We also do EMS,” said Todd Whaley, helicopter pilot.

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