Are you a fan of the TV series Ice Pilots? In episode 5 of season 5, you can watch the BATT in action on Buffalo Airways’ Electra aircraft. Buffalo Airways purchased two BATTs for use in hauling bulk fuel to various remote locations. With two BATTs, they are able to use the Electra’s entire hauling capacity in the most cost-effective way possible, transporting a total of 4,200 USG (15,900 L) of fuel per trip. In this episode, Buffalo Airways staff install and use the BATT for the first time, saying it’s “cool” and giving it a positive thumbs up assessment! Thanks, Buffalo! We love you, too.

Watch Ice Pilots episode featuring the BATT

To date, the BATT has won four awards — an international outstanding achievement award (technical category), an honours program award (industrial applications category) and a regional and national award for innovative new technology.

When there’s no gas station in sight for hundreds of miles, fuel supply becomes a critical aspect for the military and many other industries including mining, construction, aviation, resource exploration and forest firefighting. It’s why SEI Industries developed its new Bulk Aviation Transport Tank (BATT) – the world’s first collapsible, double-walled, baffled transportation tank that allows users to safely carry bulk fuel to remote sites via aircraft.

The BATT comes in a range of sizes to fit various aircraft. Currently, the DC-3 (1150 USG), MIL-17 (1150 USG), Cessna Caravan (475 USG), AN26 (1800 USG), AN32 (1800 USG) and Twin Otter (630 USG) models are available. Future sizes will accommodate the DC-6, Bell 412 and Hercules aircraft.

The BATT took a number of months to develop and was first deployed in 2010 for use by South America’s Columbian law enforcement. With the official Canadian launch of the BATT in the summer of 2011, operators can now deploy an innovative new option for bulk fuel transportation to remote sites.