Delta, Canada – SEI Industries Ltd. (SEI) is pleased to announce its recent acquisition of PremoFire™ from Vanguard Plastics Ltd (VPL). SEI will retain the PremoFire trade-marked brand and continue offering customers and end-users the Premo plastic sphere dispenser (PSD) and Premo Fireballs. SEI is committed to working towards a seamless transition from VPL by ensuring that supply, sales, product support and customer service of the Premo fire ignition product line remains consistent.

SEI will continue to manufacture new Premo PSD machines while offering parts for both the upgraded version and Mark III PSD machines. Premo PSD repairs and service are available to our customers with Service Centres in the USA, Australia and Canada. With sales distribution in four locations throughout the USA and a bolstered sales force, SEI expects to offer consistent supply, competitive pricing and unparalleled product support worldwide. In addition to the Premo PSD and 1 ¼” Premo balls, SEI will also continue to offer the 1” Dragon Egg (delayed chemical ignition device) compatible with the Red Dragon® PSD, Green Dragon® automated ground launcher and Pyroshot™ hand-launcher products.

“SEI is proud to offer the wildland fire management community ‘one-stop-shopping’ with this complete line of aerial and ground fire ignition products,” said SEI’s Firefighting Division Manager, Shawn Bethel. “We also plan on utilizing our engineering team towards further development of the Premo PSD as part of SEI’s core philosophy of continuous improvement.”

For more information about the complete line of SEI Fire Ignition Products, please visit:

Contact: Shawn Bethel, Division Manager, SEI Industries Ltd.

Canada @ 1-604-946-3131

USA @ 877-903-1475


SEI Industries Ltd. is an ISO:9001:2008 certified Canadian manufacturing company specializing in the manufacture of innovative industrial fabric solutions for firefighting and remote site fuel and water storage. With exports to 110 countries to date, SEI Industries is well known for providing more than 50 unique products to military, firefighting, mineral exploration and disaster relief operations world wide. The famous Bambi Bucket® continues to be used in firefighting efforts globally since 1982 and has become synonymous with aerial firefighting. SEI also manufactures aerial & ground fire ignition equipment such as the Dragon® and Premo™ Fire Ignition products for use by prescribed fire and land management professionals throughout North America and Australia. SEI Industries Ltd. is proud to continue to offer our customers innovative, well-engineered and reliable products while providing excellent product support and exceptional customer service. Check us out on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and our Fire Ignition Blog.