As a manufacturer of certified spill containment berms, SEI Industries is pleased to announce their involvement in the new National Master Standing Offer (NMSO) for Fire, Safety and Rescue equipment with the Canadian federal government.

This contract includes supplying equipment to the Department of National Defence (DND), Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and the Canadian Coast Guard (CCG).  In this NMSO, SEI is listed under S-05: Spill Containment, Prevention and Storage.

SEI has a long history of designing and producing award-winning products that assist with humanitarian efforts, disaster relief and acute emergency response in 110 countries around the world.  SEI products have been seen on Daily Planet, Ice Pilots, Battle Factory and Highway Thru Hell TV series.

A small sampling of the emergency roles that SEI products have played includes:

  • Nuclear site cool-down after Japan’s devastating 2011 tsunami (using the Bambi Bucket).
  • Clean, potable water storage during Haiti’s 2010 earthquake relief effort (using the Onion tank).
  • Assistance with Columbia’s drug interdiction activities (using the BATT and Jungle King tank).
  • Custom decontamination trailers for use in biological, radiological and terrorist events (FBI, FEMA, military hospitals and the National Guard).
  • Spill protection for Operation Grizzly, the 2002 G8 Summit security which required products for vehicles stationed in an environmentally-sensitive area (using Insta-Berms).

For more than 20 years, SEI has also supported military forces around the world with rapidly deployable fuel and water systems and spill prevention tools, all designed for austere conditions.

As a strong supporter of the Canadian Forces, SEI often works closely with DND personnel to design and manufacture unique products to meet their specialized needs.  For example:

  • The SEI Ride-Side Berm is an integral part of DND’s CBRN Decontamination System.
  • The SEI Drip Defender was specifically designed for the Canadian Forces and is currently being used on bases across Canada to capture minor leaks under vehicles.
  • The SEI RainDrain was originally designed and tested by Canadian Forces for use with secondary containment. Engineered to endure freezing throughout winter and then operate normally again in the spring makes the RainDrain especially useful in Canada.

Since Canadian DND bases are required to buy through local distributors or national distributors with a presence in multiple provinces, SEI has partnered with distributor Tenaquip for the delivery of its products to those bases.

Many of the products covered in the standing offer contract will be constructed from SEI’s proprietary Arctic-Shield material which has a low cold crack temp below -46C and is designed for long duration fuel exposure that may occur if a fuel spill were to happen at a remote site that is unmanned for the winter.

SEI Industries’ Arctic-Shield berms are now Intertek-certified to meet the requirements of CAN/ULC-S668-12, making SEI the first company to manufacture a berm that meets this new standard.

For any questions, please contact:

Bryan Shields
Environmental Product Group
SEI Industries Ltd.