SEI Industries is delighted to announce the signing of an exclusive agreement with Varec, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) [NYSE: SAI], to represent its TacFuels collapsible fuel tank monitoring system in Canada, Colombia and Peru.

SEI is the first manufacturing company to integrate fuel monitoring capabilities into its premium Arctic, Desert and Jungle King series of collapsible bladder tanks. This new monitoring capability will provide a number of significant advantages for clients working in remote sites.

“We believe this monitoring system will bring collapsible tanks to a new level by providing remote fuel operators with a method of analyzing vital statistics and detecting leaks. In addition, reconciliation and cost savings will be realized through reduced theft, spoilage and the ability to plan better, operationally,” says Paul Reichard, SEI’s remote site division manager.

The TacFuels monitoring system consists of data collection units, flow meters and fuel gauges along with a mobile laptop and handheld computers which operate proprietary TacFuels software. Depending on client needs, a customized combination of these rugged devices is deployed. Information from each site is shared across networks using secure communications which, in turn, provides accelerated decision-making and cost-savings opportunities.

“Identifying the most appropriate measurement technology was a key factor in the development of the TacFuels system,” says Jim Gibson, Varec’s program manager for the TacFuels program. “Initially, many instrument technologies, such as radar, sonar, ultra-sonic and laser were considered. After extensive testing, a combination of pressure and temperature technologies were found to be the best suited technology for volumetric measurement to recommended American Petroleum Institute (API) standards.”

“Varec is pleased to work with SEI Industries to bring collapsible storage tank gauging and inventory management to the next level,” added Gibson “Varec asset measurement, monitoring and control technologies will enable SEI Industries tank storage owners to take full advantage of the latest in hardware and software platforms to better monitor and manage their petroleum investments.”