Delta, BC, Canada — Utilizing its long history of manufacturing custom pump systems, SEI Industries Ltd. recently announced a new line-up of standardized off-the-shelf pumps to help support remote site operations in need of a ready inventory.

“Over time, we’ve realized that our customers sometimes just need a standard pump that can be shipped right away to keep their operations running smoothly,” says Paul Reichard, remote site division manager for SEI Industries Ltd., an award-winning manufacturer known for its innovative engineering designs.

“Our new standardized pumps meet the most common needs of commercial operations but are still crafted to the same standard as our custom pumps,” he says. “And, we can usually ship same day, if needed.”

With numerous capacities to choose from, SEI’s pump inventory consists of:

  • Aviation refueling pumps with jet fuel filtration coalescer/separator and totalizing flow meter. Available in 50 and 100 gpm models, each pump option is housed on a skid for easy shipping and deployment
  • Heli-Pump offers a compact jet fuel coalescer/separator filtration with totalizing flow meter. Available in 10-20 gpm models making them ideal for remote site operations. In use around the world by military special forces and helicopter operators.
  • Transfer pumps for diesel or jet fuel, designed for easy fuel transfer between two points. Available in 100 or 150 gpm models, these pumps are perfect for high volume applications or pumping over long distances.
  • Vehicle pumps for diesel fuel with a choice of 30, 60 or 90 GPM. Each pump option is housed on a skid with filtration and totalizing flow meter. All models have a welded bottom (with drain) that prevents minor spill and drips.

For the past 30 years, SEI has supported remote operations, emergency management agencies and military forces with a variety of equipment options – many of which are “world-first” in design.