SEI Industries chose the recent PDAC 2017 tradeshow to unveil its latest spill prevention product, the Spill Monkey. Offering a number of advantages over existing models, the Spill Money acts as a hydrocarbon capture device to prevent contaminates from a spill reaching the surrounding environment.

“With its patented filter media and unique design, Spill Monkey is a robust reliable guard for berms and a great barrier against oil and hydrocarbon contamination,” says Paul Reichard, SEI’s Remote Site/Environmental division manager.

Since berms and other types of secondary containment need to remain empty of rainfall, spill filtration is critical to ensuring that there’s enough capacity to contain a spill, if one were to occur. “Using gravity to filter diesel fuel, jet fuel, gasoline or transformer oil out of rainwater, the Spill Monkey allows operators to safely drain any overflow,” adds Reichard.

Discharge from the Spill Monkey has been extensively tested and meets environmental regulations for Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon (TPHs) and Oil and Grease as set by the EPA National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) as well as CFR 40 and the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment (CCME).

Featuring a sleek design, longer operational life and a high-flow rate, Spill Monkey provides fast drainage of water and comes with an automatic shut-off in the event of a massive spill. Installation only takes seconds and a ball valve with sight glass is included to allow the monitoring of liquid levels and content. The Spill Monkey also includes triangular end caps for greater stability on the ground.

Spill Monkey, a product of US-based Advanced Water Systems Inc., is licensed for sale through SEI Industries Ltd.