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Manuals and Technical Bulletins

Manuals and Technical Bulletins

Looking for the latest?  They’re right here!  We always post our latest versions to our website first.  Our library includes operator’s manuals, service manuals, instruction guides and other information that will help keep your operations running smoothly.

* Please note that updated manuals now offer a version letter and year of publication on the front cover.  Inside the cover, you may notice an “issue date” at the start of the table of contents which is an internal date to indicate a reprint or minor change that does not affect safety or performance aspects.  Customers should only concern themselves with the external date and version letter on the front cover to ensure that they are using the latest manual.

Bambi Bucket Bulletins

Bambi Bucket Technical Bulletins

Bambi Bucket Instruction Videos

Bambi Bucket Field Service Briefing
Bambi Bucket Operator’s Manual Video

Bambi Bucket References

Bambi Bucket Selector 
Bambi Bucket Compatibility Chart 410 kb

Bambi Bucket Inspection Forms

Depot Inspection Form 24 kb
Field Inspection Form 22 kb

Bambi Bucket Manuals

Bambi Bucket 6072-1821 Service Manual 2.8 Mb
Bambi Bucket 2024-4453 Service Manual 5.7 Mb
Bambi Bucket 5566-HL9800 Service Manual 4.3 Mb
Bambi Bucket Operations Manual 2.3 Mb
Bambi Bucket Repair Quick Guide 1.0 Mb
Bambi Bucket Damage Assessment Manual 1.7 Mb
Bambi Longline Manual 1.8 Mb
Bambi PowerFill Snorkel Manual 2.0 Mb
Bambi Bucket Power Pack Manual 1.0 Mb
Bambi Bucket Service Signature Manual 3.5 Mb
Bambi MAX Operations Manual 1.2 Mb
Bambi MAX Service Manual (1518-3542) 3.8 Mb
Bambi MAX Service Manual (4453-7590) 3.3 Mb
Bambi MAX Service Manual (HL Series) 3.2 Mb
Marine Recovery Device (MRD) Manual 2.0 Mb
Mobility Sled Assembly Instructions 2.5 Mb
Mobility Sled Operating Instructions 5.2 Mb
Sacksafoam Bladder 1.8 Mb
Sacksafoam Heli-Case Manual704 kb
Sacksafoam Plus Manual 273 kb
Signature Series Service Manual 4.0 Mb
Torrentula Damage Assessment Manual 726 kb
Torrentula Operations and Service Manual 6.0 Mb

Manual de Evaluación de la Reparación 4.2 Mb

Bambi Bucket Retrofit Instruction Guides

Ballast Retrofit Kit (6072-1518) Instructions
Ballast Retrofit Kit (1821) Instructions
Ballast Retrofit Kit (2024-3542) Instructions
Retrofit of the standard small valve (6072 – 1821)
Retrofit of the standard medium valve (2024 – 3542)
Trip Block Linkage Assembly (60472 – 4453)

Dragon Fire Ignition Product Manuals

Green Dragon Operations & Service Manual 980 kb
Red Dragon Operations Manual 4.3 Mb
Red Dragon Service Manual 7.3 Mb

Dragon Instruction Guides
Agitator Linkage Kit Upgrade Instructions 176 kb
Agitator Whisker Kit Instructions 3.8 Mb

Fire Ignition Technical Bulletins

Fire Ignition Technical Bulletins

Fast Bucket Manual

FAST Bucket Operations Manual1.7 Mb
FAST Cockpit Controller Manual 1.3 Mb

Premo Fire Ignition Manual

Premo MK III Manual 924 kb

Fire Ignition Technical Bulletins

Fire Ignition Technical Bulletins

Product Repair

ENGLISH Product Repair Manual 598 kb
FRENCH Product Repair Manual 598 kb

Remote Site/Environmental/Fireflex Manuals

Arctic, Desert and Jungle King Operations Manual 4.2 Mb
BATT Operations Manual 2.8 Mb
Double Drum Operations Manual 1.2 Mb
Fuel-Easy Operations Manual 1.2 Mb
Heli-Pump Operations Manual 1.7 Mb
Helitank Operations Manual 600 kb
Heliwell Operations Manual 1.8 Mb
Insta-Berm (Frame) Operations Manual 2.8 Mb
Insta-Berm (L-Rod) Operations Manual 1.8 Mb
Onion Tank Operations Manual 1.0 Mb
RainDrain Set-Up Instructions 2.8 Mb
Ride-Side Operations Manual 2.0 Mb
Spill Monkey Set-Up Instructions 745 Kb
Standard Pump Operations Manual (no appendix)
SunShade Set-Up Instructions 237 Kb
TCM Operations Manual 1.2 Mb
Terra Tank Operations Manual 2.1 Mb



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