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SEI Industries Ltd’s history began in May 1978, when they were incorporated as a product development/marketing company. Since January 1983 the company has specialized in the design, manufacturing, marketing and commissioning of structural engineered fabric products and related systems to the aviation, remote site logistics supply, environmental, and firefighting industries.

Today, SEI Industries operates from a full service manufacturing facility over 48,000 square feet (4,460 sq. m.) in size, located near Vancouver, B.C. and is Canada’s leading producer of specialty fabrics-based industrial products.

Why Such Growth?

SEI has cultivated a unique, innovative capability not readily found elsewhere in the world. We excel at designing, engineering and manufacturing products from industrial fabric materials which solve specific problems for our customers. Flexible fabric-based products provide advantages not available with products made of traditional rigid materials.

With an emphasis on customer-driven features such as collapsibility, transportability and quick set-up, SEI industries has found itself at the forefront of product design for a variety of applications related to liquids containment and handling.

Today, SEI Industries’s many operating divisions reflect this widespread diversity with a common theme of industrial fabrics.


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