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Archived Bambi Bucket Operations Manual Videos

This is an eight part series of our Archived Bambi Bucket Operations Manual Videos*. If you have a problem viewing these videos on this website, they are also on ourĀ Youtube channel.

*Please note that these videos refer to older model Bambi Buckets. Please refer to the appropriate manual revision. All new manuals are updated on the Manuals and Technical Bulletins section.

Part 1 – Assessing repair items, cinching, filling and storing

Part 2 – Orientation on cargo hook, electrical breakaway, length

Part 3 – IDS instant deployment system, overview and replacing

Part 4 – Dump valve adjustment and purse strings

Part 5 – Control head parts replacement

Part 6 – Control head troubleshooting

Part 7 – Replacing suspension lines, dump valve, patching shell

Part 8 – Special topic shortening suspension lines


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