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Purpose, Strategy and Focus

SEI was founded in the interest of three things: Science, Engineering, and Innovation. Our purpose is simple: we believe in creating bespoke total solutions for our clients that address, and solve, issues they face every day. We work alongside regulatory bodies to set the standard for the industries that we work in. Our products have become synonymous with high quality and high efficacy across the globe.


Our interdisciplinary teams help develop and deploy best-in-class solutions. Our textiles are all proprietary, developed to address the unique needs of certain clients, as well as extreme climates that they may be deployed in. Our team members build solid relationships with clients and use the open dialogue to assess and address problems they face in their day-to-day operations.


Our Purpose

  • To grow as a world-leading manufacturer and marketer of specialized niche products.


Our Strategy

  • To partner with our customers in the research, development and delivery of solutions that add extraordinary value.


Our Focus

  • Enhanced sensitivity to our customer’s needs.
  • World-class leaders in our niche markets.
  • Unique and creative product solutions.


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