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Standard Bambi Bucket Valve Gasket

Product: Bambi Bucket
Models: Bambi Bucket 6072 – 3542
Subject: Standard Bambi Bucket Valve Gasket


Bambi Bucket valves have been installed using butyl tape to seal the valve and prevent excessive
leaking. While effective, the butyl can be messy to work with and creates extra work when replacing a valve.


To improve the process of changing a valve, SEI will begin using gaskets in place of the butyl tape on small and medium sized valves.

Part Number Description Model Range
004356 GASKET,SHELL,SM 6072BB-1821BB
004357 GASKET,SHELL,MD 2024BB-3542BB

When installing the valve with the new gasket, do not use any butyl tape, and put the gasket in place after inserting the bolts through the bottom of the shell.

This Technical Bulletin is available on the SEI website. /resources/manuals
For further details, please contact the following SEI representatives.

Robert Button, P.Eng
Product Engineer, Firefighting Division
604-946-3131 ext. 423


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