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Preventing Aquatic Invasive Species Transport

Product: Bambi Bucket
Models: All Bambi Buckets
Subject: Preventing Aquatic Species Transport


Preventing the transport of harmful invasive species between bodies of water is important in order to protect vulnerable marine habitats. Invasive organisms can be transported between bodies of water by Bambi Buckets, so buckets should be properly decontaminated when changing between untreated water sources in sensitive areas.

Different forestry services and government agencies may already have guidelines or regulations in place to address this issue. Customers should always adhere to local regulations an


In many instances thorough drying is considered an acceptable method of decontamination. Clean the bucket of any debris and allow the bucket to dry in the sun until it is completely dry to the touch. When there is not adequate time to thoroughly dry the bucket, alternative decontamination methods include power washing using hot water and chemical decontamination.

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