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Standard Sacksafoam Controller Harness Change

Product: Bambi Bucket
Models: Sacksafoam Controller
Subject: Standard Sacksafoam Contoller Harness Changed


SEI is changing the harness that comes standard with the new Sacksafoam Controller (SFC). The new harness is designed to allow customers who have previously installed the older Sacksafoam controllers (non-touch screen versions) to continue to use their existing wiring configuration.

This new harness is designed to allow an operator installed switch to provide a sinking signal to the controller. One end of the switch must connect to aircraft ground while the other connects to the new harness. The new harness is described as “CABLE, ADAPTER,SINKING,SFC” and listed by part number 012913.

The superseded harness requires a sourced signal from an operator installed switch. The recommended installation uses two wires connected to the switch and the D-Sub connector on the superseded harness. The superseded harness is described as “CABLE,ADAPTER,SOURCING,SFC” and listed by part number 010603.


Customers who want to upgrade to the new SFC and have their helicopters wired for the older controller can simply order the standard SFC and will receive the sinking harness 012913.

Customers installing the SFC for the first time can also order the standard SFC and receive 012913. Customers who have already installed a new SFC with the sourcing harness will need to ask for the sourcing harness 010603 when they order a new SFC assembly.

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