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IVC Cable Installation

Product: Bambi Bucket
Models: Bambi Max
Subject: IVC cable installation


Older Bambi Max manuals instruct operators to fasten the IVC power cable to the IDS hub and deployment cable using zip‐ties. Operators are instructed to provide some slack during installation. Despite this, SEI has observed incidences of the power cable being pulled from the strain relief on the IVC, resulting in water ingress. The zip‐tie may gradually work along the power cable over time and eliminate slack.


SEI recommends that operators avoid fastening the power cable to the IDS or IDS deployment cable all together. Instead the operators should fasten the cable directly to the bucket head with 4 zip‐ties as illustrated in Figure 1. Operators must ensure that there is at least 6” of slack in the line. It is recommended that operators quickly check that there is adequate slack in the line before flight. New buckets will already have the installation shown in Figure 1.

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