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Power Pack Grounding Harness

Product: Bambi Bucket
Models: Bambi Power Pack
Subject: Power Pack Grounding Harness
Reference: Bambi Power Pack Manual


It has recently come to the attention of SEI that under certain conditions, static charge can build up in the Bambi Power Pack and shock operators. So far, this problem has only been observed in large helicopters using synthetic longlines.


To eliminate this issue, SEI has introduced a new grounding harness (part number 011890). The grounding harness interfaces with the Power Pack and the existing Power Pack bucket harness (008902). To install the grounding harness, plug in the 3‐pin connectors to the Power Pack and bucket harness, then secure the alligator clip to any exposed metal on the airframe. If you have experienced static discharge while operating your Power Pack, please contact SEI to order a grounding harness. Harnesses will be provided under warranty.

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