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Green Dragon Gas Hose Change

Product: Dragon Sphere Dispenser
Models: Green Dragon
Subject: Gas Hose Change


It has recently come to the attention of SEI that the specification for the gas hose used on the Green Dragon has changed. SEI was not informed by the supplier of the change at the time it occurred. The original hose (part number 006046) was rated for 150 psi at 70° F but has since been de‐rated by the manufacturer to 130 psi at 70° F. The 130 psi hoses have the rating printed on the outside of the hose.


SEI has sourced a replacement hose (part number 011801) that will be included with all new Green Dragon PSDs. The new hose is used in the gas hose assembly (DE14910 or 006051) which will be available on warranty to all customers with the down‐rated hose. Customers who purchased their Green Dragons after 2012 are expected to have the de‐rated hose. Please contact your local service center for more information and the warranty replacement part.

For further details, please contact the following SEI representatives.

Robert Button

Product Engineer, Firefighting Division
604‐946‐3131 ext. 423

Download PDF version of this bulletin here.


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