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New Sacksafoam Controller

Product: Bambi Bucket
Models: Sacksafoam I
Subject: New Sacksafoam Controller
Reference: The new Sacksafoam I manual will be released soon.
Sacksafoam II (5598) Manual
Sacksafoam II (8044) Manual


SEI is introducing a new Sacksafoam Controller (SFC). This SFC will supersede the original controller for customers with bladder style Sacksafoam I systems. Currently, the new SFC is not directly compatible with Sacksafoam II or Sacksafoam III systems. SEI will continue to provide the original controller to service Sacksafoam II’s and Sacksafoam III’s while stock exists.

The SFC is operated with a glove compatible touch screen. The SFC includes an adapter that connects to the existing Sacksafoam wiring harness and includes a D-sub connector that can be used to connect with a remote injection switch. See Figure 2 for details.

DZUS rail adapters are available for the SFC. Please note that the product dimensions have changed and the new SFC will not fit in the same location on a DZUS rail system as the original Sacksafoam controller.


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