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New Bottom Seal Clamps for 16” Valves

Product: Bambi Bucket
Models: All Bambi Max Models
Subject: New Bottom Seal Clamps


Bambi Max bottom seals are held to the valve tube using hose clamps. SEI has recognized that the clamps specified in the original design may come apart if the bottom seal is pulled off the valve tube.


SEI will now use two gear clamps to hold the bottom seal to the valve tube. These gear clamps will not come apart if the bottom seal is forced off the valve tube.

16” Max valves (1518-3542) will use 2x 011522 (CLAMP,GEAR,8″,SS) per valve.

25” Max valves (4453-7590) will use 2x 011527 (CLAMP,GEAR,12-1/2″,SS) per valve.

Please note that the original clamps do not have any detrimental impact on bucket performance.


Robert Button
Product Engineer, Firefighting Division
604‐946‐3131 ext. 423

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