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Purse String and Valve Update

Product: Bambi Bucket
Models: Standard Bambi Buckets
Subject: Purse String and Valve Update


Most customers find that changing purse strings is a frustrating exercise and can be an expensive one if it is required to get a bucket flying. To reduce the frequency of purse string replacement on a bucket, SEI has decided to increase the size of the purse strings on medium and small valve buckets and to change the stainless steel grommets used on all the valves to lower friction brass grommets.

Small buckets (6072-1821) using #4 nylon cord will now use #5 nylon cord and similarly medium buckets (2024-3542) using #5 nylon cord will now use #6 nylon cord. The purse strings on the large buckets will not be affected by this change, but the grommets will be changed on all valves.

This change has been informed by recent testing that has shown that the new strings and grommets will have a significantly longer service life. This testing took into account salt water operating conditions and looked at numerous potential purse string materials.

Purse strings will be sized up immediately, while current stock of valves with stainless grommets will be used to depletion before the new valves are installed in any buckets. This change is considered a quality improvement only. There are no functional concerns with buckets using the stainless grommets or smaller purse strings. Part numbers for valves and purse string assemblies will remain the same, since they are interchangeable.


Shawn Bethel
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