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Standard Valve Replacement Instructions

Product: Bambi Bucket Dump Valve Replacement Kit
Applicability: All models prior to August 31, 2010
Operation: Modified valve replacement instructions

Bambi Bucket fabric dump valves (udders) need to be replaced if damaged during operations. The installation instructions have been modified to correct the previous installation instructions.

Apply a 3/16” thick x 5/8” wide bead of butyl rubber sealant in a circle around the inside the bottom of the bucket shell, orientated above the valve grommets. This creates a seal between the shell and the dump valve fabric.

Position the bucket with the ballast pouch laying on the ground (6 o’clock position), place the new valve into the bucket with the valve mouth (when closed) parallel to the ground. When the two halves of the valve mouth are closed together, the corners are in the 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock positions.

Summary of modification

  1. Change the nuts from stainless steel nylock nuts to plated nylock nuts so that the nuts will not gall to the bolts.
  2. Change the butyl tape from 1/8” thick x 3/8” wide to 3/16” thick x 5/8” wide. The thicker butyl tape (Image A) improves the seal between the valve and the bucket shell.
  3. Standardize the butyl tape location. All butyl tape must be placed above the grommet circle – new location (Image A). This change improves the seal between the valve and the bucket shell.

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