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Bambi: Standard Bucket Control Head Cover Alignment Instructions

Product: Bambi Bucket
Applicability: All models of standard buckets
Operation: Control head cover alignment
Overview: The hex head of the bolt used to attach the trip block to the control head can obstruct or impede the closure of the cover on the control head. When a washer is added to the trip block bolt or when the bolt is in a certain orientation, the washer or the hex head of the bolt sticks out (see photo #1 and #2), and can make contact with the cover, forcing the cover to move toward the left hand side of the head. The movement of the cover causes a misalignment of the bolt holes on the cover and the bolt holes on the control head. This misalignment prevents the bolts from entering the holes.

Procedure for alignment:

1. If there are any washers – remove them.
2. Rotate the trip block bolt until its hex head does not stick out (see photo #3), or change the hex head bolt to a socket head bolt. With the socket head bolt, it will not stick out in any orientation (see photo #4).

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