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Bambi Bucket: HL Series Model Cinch Strap Replacement Instructions

Product: Bambi Bucket
Applicability: All models of standard buckets
Operation: Bambi Bucket Cinch Strap replacement instructions
Overview: The triangle rings of the cinch strap are susceptible to deformation over time at 70% cinch setting. The triangle ring size has been changed from ¼” to 5/16” for all heavy lift series Bambi Bucket models described above to rectify this potential deformation. The depth of the existing cinch strap brackets on models made prior to October 31, 2008 is too small for 5/16” triangle rings. To accommodate the larger (5/16”) triangle rings, 1/8” thick washers are required to raise the brackets and create more space between the brackets and the buckets exterior. With this adjustment, the 5/16” triangle rings can pass through the brackets readily and provide for cinch strap adjustment when is required.

Procedure for modifications:

  1. Disassemble the cinch strap bracket across from the ballast and insert the existing cinch strap bracket through the webbing loop on the hook end of the new cinch strap. Re-attach it to the bucket. No washer is required to be inserted between the bracket and the bucket. The existing bolts and nuts can be reused for this bracket.
  2. Disassemble all other cinch strap brackets from the bucket and replace ¼”-20 x ¾” LG bolts with ¼”-20 x 1” LG bolts (SEI p/n:FBSC010410). Put 1/8” thick washers (SEI p/n:FWS0104H or FWS0304) between the brackets and the bucket exterior. Re-attach the existing cinch strap brackets back to the bucket.
  3. Feed the new cinch strap through all of the cinch strap brackets and attach the 5/16” triangle ring to the hook.

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