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Bambi Bucket: Collapsing Instruction

Product: All Bambi Buckets (Standard, Torrentula, Aqualanche)
Applicability: Models from 5566 and up (The IDS of the smaller model buckets can be collapsed readily by hand)
Operation: Collapsing Instant Deployment System (IDS)
Overview: The IDS uses a hub and spoke mechanism to expand the mouth of the bucket as soon as the bucket is pulled by the suspension lines.

After use, the spokes need to be pushed back inside the bucket (collapsing the IDS) when the bucket is packed for storage. The purpose of this bulletin is to provide a step by step instruction to safely collapse the IDS.

IDS Collapsing Instructions:

  1. Lay the bucket on its side with the ballast on the bottom.

  2. Place a wooden block (i.e. 4” x 4”) on a spot so that the IDS Hub will be on the top of the block when the bucket is upside down.

  3. Lift the bottom of the bucket and raise the bucket into a vertical position. If the bucket is a Torrentula or Torrentula with PowerFill, two (2) people may be required to lift the bucket.

  4. Check the block location to make sure it is in the correct position when the bucket is upside down.

  5. Go to other side and pull the bucket to a vertical upside down position.

  6. If the IDS does not collapse by its own weight, give a slight pull on the bucket shell by using the cinch strap. The bucket will collapse.

  7. Push the bucket to one side and prepare for storage as per the manual instructions.

Download PDF version with photo demonstrations


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