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Bambi Bucket: Aqualanche Valve Replacement Instructions

Product: Aqualanche Bucket
Applicability: All models prior to April 12, 2010
Operation: Modified Aqualanche valve replacement instructions
Overview: The operating amperage of the Bambi Aqualanche bucket was designed to be under 10A. After a period of operation, the operating amperage on some bucket models increased. The higher current draw resulted in tripping the circuit breaker. One other symptom included an audible sound from the valve.
The root cause for the above observations is that a leak developed through the actuator shaft seal.
A modification has been designed to eliminate the leak. The modified design has been tested extensively and proved to eliminate the leak. This bulletin provides a simple step by step work instruction for replacing the existing valve with the modified valve.

Procedure for modifications:

  1. Disconnect the wire from the existing Aqualanche valve to the power source.
  2. Loosen 4 bolts which connect the base ring and the support rods.
  3. Take out the existing valve assembly (everything above the support rods, including the support rods).
  4. Put the modified valve assembly back on the base ring.
  5. Use the bolts and the spring washers from step #1 to re-assembly the modified valve to the base ring. Tighten the bolts connecting the two support rods with the lift bar first. Tighten the remaining of bolts.
  6. Connect the wire from the modified valve to the power source. Measure the amperage of the actuator under different conditions, such as opening, closing, idle at the valve open and closed positions. The amperage readings shall be less than 12A. Contact SEI engineering for further instructions if the amperage reading is more than 12A.

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