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Bambi: Aqualanche Bucket Sealing Improvement


The operating amperage of the Bambi Aqualanche bucket is set to be under 10A. After a continuous period of operation, the operating amperage on some bucket models can increase. The higher current draw can result in tripping the circuit breaker. Other symptoms include an audible sound from valve that indicates friction on the incorporated parts within the valve.


The supplier of the actuator for the Bambi Aqualanche bucket claims that the actuators are waterproof product. However, it is only suitable for the rain or wet environment, this being water resistant, not truly waterproof. The requirement for this product is to be completely submerged under water through its intended application. During the activation of the valve under water and through its cycles, a vacuum is created inside the actuator. The resulting pressure difference caused by the vacuum allows water to overcome the seal and into the body of the actuator. This water ingress creates extra load on the actuator and causes an increase in operating current, which eventually trips the breaker. The water inside the actuator is also attributing to noise due to water breakdown on the lubricant of adjacent parts.


  1. Eliminate the vacuum affect by drilling ventilation holes into the tube of the actuator.

  2. Replace the original seal on the actuator with a waterproof and water tight seal.

  3. Add a drainage valve on the bottom of the actuator box to drain any water accumulation


Retrofit the existing Bambi Aqualanche valve with modified valves. .

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