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Protect your pillow tank against UV damage with a SunShade cover

About the SunShade
SunShades are designed as protective covers for collapsible bladder/pillow tanks and come in colors green, tan or black.  White is also available on special order.
SunShades reduce UV damage by 80%, significantly extending the service life of the tank.  SunShades are ideal for any location where extended periods of sunshine exist.  SunShades wrap over the top of the tank and around its fittings, for a perfect fit that hugs the tank.  The SunShade is easy to install and can be attached when the tank is empty or full.  Because the cover is secured to the tank's handles, it does not blow away in windy conditions.
UV Damage
Ultraviolet damage is a chemical reaction or process in which polymers break down into shorter chains resulting in cracking, yellowing and erosion of the exposed surface of the tank.  This process causes the fabric to stiffen and is accelerated by dirt on the surface of the tank.  UV damage can be visually identified by a change in the tank colour which will become darker.  Eventually, these "burnt" areas will grow stiff and crack, allowing liquid to escape. 
  • Reduces UV damage by 80%
  • Easy to fold, store or transport
  • Easy to install over tank fittings and drains
  • Abrasion-resistant patches installed around openings for fittings
  • Fuel-resistant durable material
  • Comes in four color choices
  • Hugs the tank, won't blow away
  • Can be installed on full or empty tanks
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