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K-Max Bambi Bucket

Designed to maximize the capabilities of K-Max helicopters

About the K-Max Bambi Bucket®
K-Max helicopters now have one of the world’s most lethal aerial firefighting tools – the custom-designed model BB680K K-MAX Bambi Bucket.
Model 680K was developed to fit perfectly inside the minimal K-MAX cargo compartment, without sacrificing bucket capacity.  Gone are the slower flights with external load equipment and gone are the waiting periods for the ground crew to catch up with bulky rigid buckets.
The K-MAX Bambi Bucket is also responsive and stable in flight.  Pilots can pinpoint the target with complete control and accuracy.  The K-MAX/Bambi Bucket system allows access to most water sources, previously unavailable to tanked helicopters, thus significantly reducing turnaround time and maximizing volume/hour performance.
All these advantages mean one thing – the 680K Bambi Bucket is the perfect initial attack tool for the K-MAX.
K-Max Bambi Bucket Features
  • Fits perfectly inside the K-Max cargo compartment.
  • Allows access to most water sources.
  • Reduces turnaround time and maximizes volume/hour performance.
Accessories Compatibility Chart
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Bambi Bucket Accessories Compatibility Chart
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Product Information

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