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Frac Tank Deployment System

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Easy HIPPO frac tank set-up and knock down


Two-Person Deployment System
SEI’s HIPPO frac tanks are lightweight and fully collapsible, offering liquid containment capacity many times larger than their transportable size.  Using our optional 2-person FTDS system (patent pending), unfold and deploy one tank in 7-10 minutes or mop-up in 12-15 minutes.
Fast, Convenient Deployment
One of the biggest challenges facing collapsible tanks are the objections from frac crews who have to roll and unroll the tanks.
Traditionally, with metal frac tanks, crew members only have to connect a few hoses while the remainder of the tank deployment is done by truck or crane.
Fortunately, SEI’s HIPPO frac tanks offer a small-crew deployment system that limits the use of extra manpower or physical activity to unroll and roll-up the bladder.
Using a bobcat and hydraulic power to roll and unroll a tank, SEI’s Frac Tank Deployment System (FTDS) drastically reduces crew effort and allows for easier and faster set-up and knock down times.
  • Unfold and deploy one tank in 7-10 minutes
  • Mop-up in 12-15 minutes
  • Drastically reduce crew size (two person)
  • Prevent injury to crew members
  • Reduce abrasion (no dragging of the tank)
  • Squeeze excess water out of the tank easily
  • Roll tanks smaller and tighter to fit back into reusable crates
  • Special harness allows for easy tank folding by one person
  • Comes with a universal bobcat mounting plate with hydraulic connections
  • Roller bars stay with the tank
  • Roller connects to auxiliary hand controls on the bobcat
  • Painted in high-visibility orange color
FTDS Photos and Video
View photos of the HIPPO Frac Tank on Flickr
Watch a video of the FRAC Tank Deployment System (FTDS) on YouTube
View photos of the FRAC Tank Deployment System (FTDS) on Flickr

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