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The next generation of aerial, ground and handheld fire ignition launchers

Our Launchers Turn Up the Heat
When it comes to firefighting or controlled burns, SEI offers two of the world's best fire ignition product lines to choose from — Premo and Dragon Fire.  Both offer outstanding performance, versatility and safety features to ensure the most effective burn operations.
About the Dragon Launcher
Since 2003, SEI's Dragon division has continually strived towards creating the next generation of aerial, ground and handheld fire ignition launchers.
Our first initiative was the Red Dragon – a vastly improved Plastic Sphere Dispenser (PSD) that was received with much enthusiasm from wildfire and forestry land managers.  This success was followed by the introduction of the revolutionary Pyroshot handheld launcher, which dispenses Dragon Eggs (our newly-engineered ignition spheres) with excellent precision.  A second generation version of the handheld launcher called the Pyroshot HS offers a regulated gas powered option that increases distance reach by launching spheres up to 300 feet (90 metres).  The two Pyroshot handheld launchers were developed with co-partner, Field Support Services.
In 2009, the Green Dragon was introduced – a ground ignition launcher that is a fully automated PSD machine incorporating upgraded technology and user-friendly features.  The Green Dragon tool is intended to supplement ground drip torch and aerial burning applications.
Today, after nine years of research and development, our Dragon Fire Ignition product line is considered one of the finest available and is used by a number of fire, land and government agencies.
About the Premo PSD
The Premo Plastic Sphere Dispenser (PSD) is a compact and dependable aerial ignition device dispenser.  Made of aluminum, the Premo PSD is designed to safely inject Premo Fireballs with ethylene glycol and accurately release them over targeted areas.
The Premo PSD is designed to work with most modern rotary wing aircraft including the Bell 206 and other flat floor models from various manufacturers.  Controls are easy to learn and operate and are designed to prevent the accidental release of ignition devices.  Before being expelled from the aircraft and landing in the target area, each sphere is injected with ethylene glycol to guarantee ignition seconds later.
As a safety feature, the Premo PSD is equipped with a 3.25L water reservoir that is engineered to extinguish a potential fire within the injecting area.  Any jams can also be quickly cleared so that downtime is minimized and air time is maximized.
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