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FAST Bucket

Aerial fire suppression made easy

Reliable Firefighting Technology
FAST heli-buckets increase the performance and flexibility of your fire suppression operations with volume control, split drops and variable drop rates standard on every bucket. Get the flexibility normally only seen in a bellytank, with the lightweight portability of a bucket!
The simple “time-on-trigger” operation and the standard 2-wire hookup means a quick and easy changeover to a modern system – giving every pilot the ability to match capacity and capability and get the maximum retardant to the fire.
Heavy versions of FAST Buckets incorporate gated operation, using only 2 amps of power, while still remaining light enough to be truly portable. Reliable and durable, FAST Buckets let you be first-on, last-off!
FAST Bucket Features
  • Time-on-trigger volume control
  • Multiple drops/splits
  • Variable flow/drop rate
  • Simple 2-wire installation (existing cargo hook wiring)
  • Less than 2 amps power for all sizes, including power for gate operation
  • No extra cables for gate operation
  • Modular design for easy field repair
  • Collapsible, portable and lightweight
  • Best value equipment for helicopter firefighting
  • Full accessory line – all installable without major modifications and all removable in five minutes to return your FAST Bucket to its original configuration.

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