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Bambi Bucket Power Pack

Bambi Bucket Power Supply Pack

Independent, portable power supply for Bambi Buckets

About the Bambi Bucket Power Pack
The Bambi Bucket Power Pack is a portable and rechargeable power supply used in the operation of the
Bambi and Bambi MAX buckets allowing them to be operated independently of the helicopter power supply. It consists of a battery pack, battery charger, bucket wiring harness and remote dump switch.
Based on a three minute operational cycle, the power supply will operate the bucket for 10 hours of firefighting with a fully charged battery.
The charger plugs into a 110VAC/60Hz or 220VAC/50Hz power source; fully recharges the battery pack in two hours.
Bambi Bucket Power Pack Specifications
  • Voltage: 24 VDC
  • Amp Hours: 3 AH
  • Case: 16.5" L x 13" W x 7" H (420 x 330 x 175 mm)
  • Weight: 16 lbs. (7.3 kg)
  • Recharged in 2 hours
  • 110 VAC NEMA 1-15 P / 220 VAC CEE7/16 Europlug


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