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Collapsible water frac tanks for hydraulic fracturing

Reduce Shipping Costs by up to 96%
With increased interest from the public around the role of fracking, a new product is making that task a little easier on the environment. Since most frac tank jobs require millions of gallons of water that is typically delivered by trucks making hundreds of trips, the carbon footprint and cost of transportation can be prohibitive. In addition, large, heavy, expensive steel storage tanks are often used which, in turn, can damage the ground they sit on and be as costly to remove as they were to purchase. Steel tanks can also have a long wait time – from purchase to delivery – depending on the inventory available which can hold up well site exploration and development.
Fortunately, there’s a new tool that makes fluid storage simple and cost-effective for hydraulic fracturing.  SEI Industries Ltd.’s HIPPO Frac Tank is a collapsible pillow-style water tank designed specifically for oil and gas exploration and development.  The HIPPO fracturing tank is easy to set-up and can be used immediately with almost no site preparation required.  The frac tanks are lightweight, fully collapsible, environmentally-friendly and don't damage the ground beneath them. 
One semi-truck can transport 24 tanks with a combined storage capacity of an astounding 1,200,000 USG (28,800 BBLs (US) or 4560 m3).  It would take 57 trucks to transport the same storage capacity in 500 BBL steel tanks or 228 trips on and off site.  Using our optional 2-person FTDS system, unfold and deploy one fracking tank in 10-15 minutes or mop-up in 15-20 minutes.
One individual HIPPO Frac Tank can store 50,000 USG (1200 BBLs (US) or 190 m3).  In a day, using a manifold system, multiple tanks can be set-up to provide whatever volume of storage is required.  Even better, the HIPPO Frac Tank can be acquired in half the time it takes to get a steel tank.
SEI Industries can supply the HIPPO Frac Tank as a stand-alone product or as part of a complete turnkey frac system that includes:
  • Primary storage tanks (tank farm)
  • Manifold system to connect tanks together
  • Pumping equipment
  • Convenient: collapsible, lightweight, easy to relocate.
  • Rapidly deployable: SEI's Frac Tank Deployment System (FTDS) can be used to unroll tanks quickly.
  • Use immediately: almost no site preparation required.
  • Lower transportation costs: one semi-truck can transport 24 tanks at a time reducing costs dramatically.
  • Quick set-up: one HIPPO Frac Tank can store 50,000 USG (1200 BBLs (US) or 190m3).  In a day, using a manifold system, multiple tanks can be set-up to provide whatever volume of storage is required. 
  • Durable: more abrasion and chemically-resistant than other materials, cold-resistant to -50F or -46C.
  • Less risk of freeze-up: due to its lower profile, only 5’ (1.5 m) high when fully filled, the HIPPO Frac Tank offers good heat retention and low wind resistance.
  • Customizable: available in standard capacities of 50,000 USG (190 m) or custom capacities, as per customer specifications.
  • Better for the environment: collapsible tank bladders ensure complete isolation from surface soil and water, significantly reduce truck traffic to and from the site and increase site safety.
FRAC Tank Deployment System (FTDS)
One of the biggest challenges facing collapsible tanks are the objections from frac crews who have to roll and unroll the tanks.  Traditionally, with metal frac tanks, crew members only have to connect a few hoses while the remainder of the tank deployment is done by truck or crane.  
Fortunately, SEI offers a deployment system, the FTDS, that limits the use of extra manpower or physical activity to unroll and roll-up the bladder.  Using a bobcat and hydraulic power to roll and unroll a tank, SEI’s FTDS drastically reduces crew effort and allows for easier and faster set-up and knock down times.
  • Set-Up – unroll an empty tank in 10-15 minutes.
  • Knock Down – fold and roll a tank that contains residual water (using the purpose-built draining ports) in 15-20 minutes. 
View photos of the Frac Tank on Flickr
Watch a video of the FRAC Tank Deployment System (FTDS) on YouTube
View photos of the FRAC Tank Deployment System (FTDS) on Flickr
Tank Construction
Not all collapsible bladder tanks are created equal.  Constructed to endure, HIPPO Frac Tanks are made from a specially developed heavy-duty industrial fabric that features a thicker and denser coating to ensure a level of durability that will stand up to frequent relocations and punishing outdoor conditions.  In addition, all seams are radio-frequency welded (no hot air, wedge welding or use of glue). 
A groundsheet – which can be attached to the HIPPO Frac Tank – is also supplied to prevent it from freezing to the ground during winter operations.  This sheet is removable and serves as a wrap to protect the tank during shipping.  SEI’s HIPPO Frac Tank can be shipped via all methods – by land, sea or air.
Multiple fill/drain ports are provided on the side of every tank for convenient connection to your frac water system and provide flow rates up to 19 m3 per minute, 5,000 USG per minute or 119 BBL per minute.  For additional durability, heavy-duty abrasion patches protect the tank around these fill/drain ports.  A vent kit and a dry repair kit (with user manual) are also included with each tank.
HIPPO Frac Tank Fabric
SEI’s HIPPO Frac Tank industrial fabric is a proprietary high-strength, high abrasion-resistant material that is also chemically-resistant and colored in high visibility safety orange.  It's ideal for use in winter temperatures as low as -50F or -46C (ASTM #D2136) where it can be folded and unfolded in extreme cold.  The HIPPO Frac Tank can also be used constantly with heated fluids up to +72 C (with limited exposure to +82 C liquids).  In addition, the tank's low profile design helps to maintain its fluid temperatures better compared to vertical steel tanks. 
Another feature of this unique fabric is its high resistance to abrasion — an important aspect when tanks are continually moved from site to site.  Common tank fabrics have abrasion resistance of 6,000-13,000 cycles (ASTM #D3884) while the HIPPO Frac tank fabric has a 73,000 cycle abrasion resistance to handle the wear and tear of continual movements.  
Sizes and Dimensions
The HIPPO Frac Tank can be manufactured in a range of sizes including custom capacities.  The standard model size is 190 cubic meters or 50,000 US gallons.

HIPPO FRAC TANK 50,000 USG (190 m³)

Tank Size
Crated Dimensions

Tank Weight

Reuseable Crate
33’ x 50’
90 x 58 x 46 in.
1279 lbs. 300 lbs.
530 lbs.
10 m x 15 m
2.3 x 1.5 x 1.2 m
580 kg. 136 kg.
240 kg.
* Custom sizes available. Please enquire for your particular needs.
* Specifications subject to change without notice.

Product Information

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