» Bambi: Head Lead Wire Connection

Bambi: Head Lead Wire Connection

Jun 10 2010
Ongoing product improvement has resulted in a change to the actuator head lead wire. To eliminate the potential for premature switch contact degradation, SEI has begun to equip its Bambi control heads with a suppressor diode (a.k.a. “flyback diode”).
The new head lead wire design is identifiable by the addition of polarity markers on the white (+) and black (-) wires. Note that these polarities must be observed in order for the bucket to function.


Field replacement of an unpolarized head lead wire with a new-design head lead wire is accomplished by removing the existing wire and its 2-position wiring terminal from the head cavity and installing the new-design head lead wire in its place. The new-design head lead wire integrates a mounting bracket and a strain relief provision. Polarities are of no concern when connecting the solenoid wires, and no modifications to the head are necessary.
In the unlikely case of diode failure, a temporary workaround is possible by removing both diodes from the circuit and connecting the head lead wires directly to the release solenoid.


Jun 10 2010