» Bambi Bucket: New Triplines

Bambi Bucket: New Triplines

Jan 29 2004
Product: Triplines
Applicability: All standard valve Bambi Bucket models
Purpose: Product information regarding new tripline design
Applicable Tripline Part Numbers

Models 6072, 8096, 9011, 1012, 1214, 1518, 1821 - BB380
Models 2024, 2732, 3542, 4453 - BB386
Models 5566, 5870, 6578, 7590 - BB387
Models HL5000, HL7600, HL9800 - BB390
Important: Tripline Part no. BB385 is now obsolete and inactive, use BB386 or BB387

As of January 2004, SEI industries will supply Triplines that conform to a new improved design
specification. The new Triplines are fully retrofittable replacements for the old design, and do not require any
additional parts for installation. The improvements are focused on improving the durability of the catch bullet
stack and cable immediately below the lower swage.


Jan 29 2004