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Suspension line link connectors

Jul 30 2013
Product: Bambi Bucket
Models: BB5566 - HL9800, BBT5566 ‐ BBTHL9800
Subject: Suspension line link connectors
Reference: Bambi Bucket (5566 - HL9800 Models) Service Manual (p. 46)


New suspension lines for 5566 buckets and larger will come with link connectors to allow for easy
replacement of single suspension lines and pairs without replacing an entire half‐set. The change also
reduces the likelihood of the thimbles jamming on the lower control head shackles.
The new links allow customers to quickly replace a line with the same hammer and punch already
required to remove the lower links. Replacement instructions can be found in the 5566‐HL9800 manual.
Customers without the new suspension lines will likely need to purchase a new half‐set if they have a
line fail, but subsequent failures may be resolved by purchasing a single line or pair.
All updated suspension lines for 5566 and larger buckets are 3 inches shorter to accommodate the link.


If a suspension line on your Bambi Bucket is damaged or fails, it must be replaced. A suspension line
displaying any noticeable kinking or fraying should be replaced. If your suspension lines are new models
with links included, you should replace the damaged line individually. Individual lines come in singles
and pairs depending on their position on the bucket. If your suspension lines have not been updated
with links, replacement lines should still be ordered as a half‐set. Refer to Figure 1 and Figure 2 for clarification.

Figure 1 - Old Style (Order Half-Set Replacement)

Figure 2 - New Style with Connecting Links (Order Single or Pair)

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Jul 30 2013