» Small Tripline Change

Small Tripline Change

Feb 2 2017
Product: Bambi Bucket
Models: Bambi Bucket 6072-1821
Subject: Small Tripline Design Change


Triplines failing immediately below the bullet assembly has been a recurring issue on small Bambi Buckets. Several design changes have reduced the number of occurrences, but the issue has persisted on small buckets. The root cause on small buckets is believed to be the cable flexing as the bullet hits the pulley. A new design allows the cable to pivot freely immediately after the bullet in order to eliminate this issue. It has the additional benefit of allowing customers to replace only the exposed part of the tripline. This allows customers to avoid removing the tripline from the spring reel if damage is isolated to the lower half of the tripline.

The new designs 013055 and 013056 will replace 005335 and 005332 respectively. The new design is a direct replacement, and does not require any additional modification.

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Feb 2 2017