» SEI Industries Offers Trio of Liquid Logistics Tanks for Extreme Conditions

SEI Industries Offers Trio of Liquid Logistics Tanks for Extreme Conditions

Jun 1 2007
Delta, BC - SEI Industries Ltd. is proud to introduce a trio of lightweight collapsible fuel tanks designed specifically for extreme climates - The Desert King, Jungle King, and Arctic King.  Each is engineered for rapid deployment in remote sites to deliver rugged, reliable liquid logistics. SEI Industries is a Canadian manufacturer specializing in remote site liquid logistics, including fuel storage, transfer, filtering, metering, and transportation.
SEI Industries offers a tank for every environment:
  • The Desert King: outstanding strength, high temperature and UV resistance for even the most volatile fuels
  • The Jungle King: high-humidity, high temperature conditions and UV resistance
  • The Arctic King: Low temperatures -50 degrees Celsius, and high UV resistance
The SEI Industries booth at GO-Expo 2007 will feature the Desert King tank, as well as the first in a new line of standardized fuel pumps that will also enable customers to customize features.  Combined with the company's secondary containment and spill prevention systems and fuel hoses, these tanks and pumps comprise SEI Industries' turn-key tank farms that can be deployed anywhere fuel storage and distribution is needed.
SEI Industries has recently signed a contract to provide two 2 tank farms: Mary River 2 Million Litre and Milne Inlet 8 Million Litre for BaffinLand Iron Mines Corporation on Baffin Island, Canada. A product manager will be onsite at GO-Expo present a lecture on this application as part of the Leading Technology Case Study series at 2:00pm on Tuesday, June 12th 2007 in the Presentation Theatre (Hall D in the Roundup Centre).


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Jun 1 2007