» SEI’s Green Dragon Gets Dirty

SEI’s Green Dragon Gets Dirty

Oct 29 2010
A new, automated ground-launching fire ignition system gets used on Dirty Jobs. The Dragon Division of SEI Industries Ltd. and Field Support Services are pleased to announce the recent airing of “Wetland Warrior,” an episode on Discovery Channel’s popular TV show “Dirty Jobs” hosted by Mike Rowe.
In this episode of Dirty Jobs, Mike Rowe heads off to the Florida Everglades to help combat non-native, invasive species in the marshlands with Jon Wallace the Prescribed Fire Specialist at the Arthur R. Marshall, Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge and along with Miranda Stuart of the Prescribed Fire Training Center and Gerry Barnes of the National Interagency Fire Center they utilize the “Pyro-Shot” hand launcher and the new “Green Dragon™” automated  Dragon Egg™ launcher to burn off approximately 6000 acres at the Loxahatchee NWR.

The Green Dragon (patent pending) is an automated ground launcher designed and engineered for use in forestry and wildfire management applications such as back burning or prescribed burning. As a CO2 or compressed air propelled, fully-automatic fire ignition tool, the Green Dragon offers a variable firing rate that can be adjusted for shooting spheres up to 225 feet.
tilizing the same Dragon Egg delayed chemical ignition spheres as its cousin, the helicopter-deployed Red Dragon, the Green Dragon can be mounted on several ground-based platforms including trucks, boats, ATVs and UTVs.  
The Green Dragon provides a second-generation option compared to the existing Pyroshot hand-launcher.  While the Pyroshot hand-launcher is operated manually, the Green Dragon is a fully automated machine that incorporates upgraded technology and user-friendly features improving safety and performance in the field.
For further information regarding the Dragon product line, please visit: www.sei-ind.com/products/fire-ignition-products or www.pyroshot.com. USA East: (770) 454-1130, USA West: (541) 330-4340
SEI Industries is a world leading manufacturer supporting emergency and remote site operations worldwide. Although best known for the world famous, industry-proven Bambi Bucket for aerial firefighting, SEI Industries is also active in fire ignition equipment such as the innovative Dragon Fire Ignition product line. SEI Industies is also a global leader in building equipment for both civilian and military operations in remote sites that require fuel and liquid logistics applications.
Oct 29 2010