» SEI’s Bambi Bucket continues to be Spain’s only choice for aerial firefighting

SEI’s Bambi Bucket continues to be Spain’s only choice for aerial firefighting

Dec 2 2010
Delta, Canada - SEI Industries Ltd. is proud to be participating in the International Aerial Firefighting Conference & Exhibition December 2-3, 2010 in Malaga, Spain. The Tangent Link Aerial Firefighting conference & exhibition offers a forum for guest speakers, leading aerial suppression experts, fire management agencies and businesses to exchange information on strategies, technologies and the latest equipment.
Grupo Inaer Ltda. is the Bambi Bucket sales representative in Spain and is attending the event with both a conference speaker and a tradeshow display presenting the Bambi Bucket product line to the event participants. Effective January 2010 Grupo Inaer Ltda., will also be the new Bambi Bucket Service Center located in Alicante, Spain and offering the Spanish helicopter firefighting market heli-bucket firefighting solutions with a wide range of single, variable dump valves including bottom-filling capability with Powerfill™.

International Toll free @ 1 866 43 BAMBI or Canada @ 1 604 946 3131


SEI Industries Ltd. is a world leading manufacturer supporting emergency and remote site operations worldwide. Best known for the industry-proven Bambi Bucket® for aerial firefighting, SEI Industries Ltd. also manufactures fire ignition equipment offering innovative tools to prescribed fire and land management industries with the Dragon® Fire Ignition product line. SEI Industries Ltd. is a global leader in building equipment to support both civilian and military operations in remote sites that require fuel, liquid storage and transport capabilities.

Dec 2 2010