» New Fire Resistant Fabric Developed for Above-Ground Secondary Containment

New Fire Resistant Fabric Developed for Above-Ground Secondary Containment

SEI Industries Ltd. is pleased to announce the launch of its new proprietary Fire Resistant Arctic-Shield™ fabric, designed specifically for above-ground secondary containment products.  


SEI’s new industrial fabric represents the first time a fabric has been engineered specifically for secondary containment of hydro-carbons in arctic environments.  It is also the first above-ground secondary containment fabric that is fire resistant to NFPA 701 standards.  Since other types of fabric use under-ground secondary containment liners, they are tested to a less stringent fire resistant standard because they are typically buried under six inches of gravel. 

Fire Resistant Arctic-Shield™ fabric is unique because it is the first fabric that combines all the critical features needed for cold climate secondary containment of fuels and has the tear, puncture and abrasion resistance to be used in above-ground secondary containment applications.   It is:

  • Suitable for deployment to -50F (-46C)
  • Impermeable to fuel and hydrocarbons
  • Fire resistant to NFPA 701 standards

This fabric is ideal for military and civilian use for secondary containment fuel products.  It is produced in a multi-coloured (tan/green) format to provide camouflage in both desert and jungle environments while still remaining highly-visible in arctic settings. 

Fire Resistant Arctic-Shield™ fabric exceeds the requirements established by the Underwriters Laboratories Canada recently withdrawn specification ULC-ORD-C58.9 and has been designed to meet future national standards when they are developed to help operators meet Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment (CCME) secondary containment guidelines.  Currently, it meets all Environment Canada regulations for fuel storage

Beginning April 1, 2010, SEI will be offering this new fabric for its full line of arctic secondary containment products including the Insta-Berm, Mini-Berm, Frame-Berm, Ride-Side Berm and Drip Defender.  Fire Resistant Arctic Shield™ is the most advanced secondary containment fabric on the market today and it is exclusive to SEI Industries.