» Introduction of Powerfill Quick Connect

Introduction of Powerfill Quick Connect

Aug 22 2016
Product:             Bambi Bucket                                                                                              
Models: All models with PowerFill Snorkel 
Subject: Introduction of PowerFill Quick Connect 


SEI has developed a new style of Powerfill Snorkel that will supersede the standard bolt-on Powerfill Snorkels that many of our customers are familiar with. The new product has a new elbow and flange that couple together with Cam-Lock fittings. This allows customers to quickly and easily remove their Powerfill Snorkel from their bucket for storage or maintenance.

This upgrade only affects the elbow and flange of the snorkel. An existing Snorkel can be upgraded to a Cam-Lock equipped snorkel by simply replacing these components. Upgrading to a new Cam-Lock equipped Snorkel or switching between the bolt-on and Cam-Lock style snorkels requires only basic hand tools and can be done in the field.

The bolt-on style Powerfill Snorkel will continue to be supported by SEI, but will no longer be sold as new.


Customers interested in purchasing a new Powerfill Snorkel or upgrading their existing snorkels should review the following table to see what they will need to order:

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Aug 22 2016