» Introduction of the 4-Wheel Mobility Sled

Introduction of the 4-Wheel Mobility Sled

Oct 6 2016
Product: Bambi Bucket
Models: Mobility Cart
Subject: Introduction of the 4-Wheel Mobility Sled


SEI has provided the Mobility Sled to help transport large Bambi Buckets since 2012.  The original product had three wheels and featured a brake that applied automatically when the handle was lowered.  The cart was designed to roll into a CH-47 helicopter. This system works well for operators using all three ramps, but is not effective if the customer is only using two ramps.  Because many customers do not regularly use three ramps, SEI has introduced a four wheeled version of the mobility sled. 
The new mobility sled uses a different braking system from the previous version. There is a brake on each front wheel and they must be engaged and released manually. See new design images via PDF. below.


The new Mobility Sled can be ordered under part number 012770.  The three wheeled Mobility Sled will still be available as part number 009383.  Customers with three wheeled Mobility sleds that would like to convert them to the four wheeled version can do so by purchasing 2x 012861 (wheel and brake assembly) and 1x 012779 (winch mount assembly) to replace the front wheel and brake assembly on the three wheeled cart.

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Oct 6 2016