» Red Dragon: Water Nozzle Leakage

Red Dragon: Water Nozzle Leakage

Jul 12 2010
Several operators have reported dripping from the water nozzles after a water test. An investigation has determined that the nozzle check valves are prone to sticking in the open position due to particulate contamination in the water.
The remedial action is to remove the check valve from the water nozzle and blow through with compressed air to clear any particulate. After cleaning, blow air in the reverse direction to confirm that the valve is closing.
To prevent further occurrence, an in-line water filter kit is available as a field retrofit. The filter is a 50 micron screen that is installed on the suction side of the water pump. It has a clear housing so the status of the filter can be visibly checked and it can be cleaned by removing and back flushing with water.

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Jul 12 2010