» Red Dragon: Gate Jamming in Red Dragon PSD

Red Dragon: Gate Jamming in Red Dragon PSD

Apr 22 2010
An incident occurred when an operator removed and replaced the hopper in operation while failing to clear the top two spheres from the gate assembly. This action caused the gate to be jammed in the closed position.
This issue is currently addressed with a note on page 28 of the operating manual. The note states:
If the hopper is removed during operations, the top two spheres in the gate assembly must be retrieved before re-attaching the hopper.
Failure to do so may prevent opening of the gates.
To prevent further occurrence, a caution label will be affixed to the top of the gate assembly such that the label is visible when the hopper is removed. See photograph.
For new units, the label will be installed during manufacture.
For existing units, self-adhesive labels and a copy of this bulletin will be sent to the owners and they should be installed in accordance with the photograph.

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Apr 22 2010