» Columbia Helicopters Dispatches Second Helicopter to Texas Fires

Columbia Helicopters Dispatches Second Helicopter to Texas Fires

Apr 22 2011

Columbia Helicopters has dispatched a second heavy-lift helicopter to assist in battling the extensive wild fires burning throughout Texas. The Columbia 107-II helicopter departed from the company’s headquarters Thursday morning, and should arrive in Abilene, Texas on Friday.


The second aircraft joins another Columbia 107-II helicopter that has been fighting fire in Texas since February. Both of the company’s helicopters join a growing fleet of aircraft currently dedicated to the Texas fires.

“We know that Texas is now experiencing one of the worst fire seasons in recent history,” said company President Michael Fahey. “Our crews will do everything they can to support efforts to extinguish these fires.”

Both aircraft are responding to the fires using SEI Torrentula Bambi buckets, equipped with the Powerfill system. Deployed at the end of 180-foot long lines, these buckets enable the flight crew to use water sources in hard-to-reach areas, such as tree-lined ponds and streams.

“We understand Texas has been experiencing an extensive drought and that water sources may not be readily available for fire fighting,” said Fahey. “Our pilots will be able to use these buckets to reach water sources not accessible to aircraft using tanks or conventional buckets."

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Apr 22 2011