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Actuator Cable Guard

Aug 20 2014
Product: Bambi Bucket
Models: BBX4453, BBX5566, BBX6578, BBX7590
Subject: Actuator Cable Guard
Reference:  DC2014.09


There have been multiple failures of Bambi MAX IVC’s and actuators on the 25” valve. Investigation into the failures has identified the problem as damage to the electrical cable at the point it enters into the actuator. Water then enters the cable and migrates into the actuator and IVC causing a failure. The damage to the electrical cable is being caused by the IDS restrainer cable during deployment. In one case, the cable gland was torn off.


A cable guard has been added to protect the electrical cable and gland from damage. The guard mounts
to the top plate of the valve using an existing bolt hole. The guard can be retrofitted in the field.
Robert Button
Product Engineer, Firefighting Division
604‐946‐3131 ext. 423

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Aug 20 2014